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The CPDpoint private forums are intended for professionals and businesses who seek a low-cost method of interacting with their peers or customers on a time-limited basis. Some suggested applications for a private forum include: professional supervision for individuals or groups; professionals or businesses providing customer follow up; or conducting focus groups for market research. CPDpoint forum-related services are self-service and if you make payment with a Visa or MasterCard, your advertisement or forum will be live and accessible on this site when you have completed your submission.


If you have us host your forum, you will have control over who joins your group; whether or not you will charge for membership; the topics discussed; and the duration of the forum’s life. Best of all, your forum is private so you can learn together without any interference from non-group members.  You can try out all of our forum functions before you purchase in our forum test area (Please note: you need to be a CPDpoint registered user, and logged in, to access the forum test area).


Our standard period for forum advertisements and hosting is one calendar month from the preferred listing date. Re-advertising and re-running your forum is simple. Just pay for the new period for which you wish to continue your advertisement or forum at CPDpoint. If you need to edit the content of your advertisement at CPDpoint, you can do so from your account area at any time during the period of advertising.  Please refer to our pricing below and note that a payment processing fee applies to the subtotal of all forums submitted at CPDpoint.


Please note that forum listings are governed by our terms of use and terms of sale.  If you have any questions about CPDpoint forums, please e-mail your enquiry.


Please proceed to our tip sheet on forums before submitting your forum at CPDpoint

For a limited time, certain forum listings will be FREE.  Please refer to our price list (below) to those items marked as $0.00. Please note that this offer can be withdrawn without notice.

Please note that we reserve the right to remove any content that does not comply with the objectives of this site. Contact us if you require assistance with forums.

CPDpoint: Forums Pricing (in Australian Dollars) Currency Converter
Payment Processing Fee
A processing fee applied to all orders.
Document Fee
Listings with documents attached incur a document fee. The document fee is applied per document and multiplied by the number of months listed.
Refund Processing Fee
Order refunds incur a refund processing fee.
Offline Payment Fee
The offline payment fee applies to non-instant payment methods (i.e, cheque, or faxing your Visa/Mastercard details).
Forum listings are priced based on the selected listing category, multiplied by the number of months listed.
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