Flash Banner Ad Requirements
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If you wish to advertise using Flash (SWF) the following requirements apply:
  • All SWF files will be displayed using the Flash 8.0 plugin.
  • All audio must be user initiated.
  • Embedded URLs are not permitted.
  • The frame rate must not exceed 20 frames per second.
  • Please ensure that your SWF file matches height, width and file size requirements for the ad size you are creating
  • It is recommended that the linking button cover the entire ad and last the full length of the timeline.
  • Loading external files from cross domains is not allowed.
The following script must be attached to the link button in your SWF:
on(release) {
   if (redirLink.substr(0,7) == "http://") {
      getURL(redirLink, "_ext");
Please note that all advertisements are subject to approval from CPD Point.

home >> advertise > flash requirements