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Founded in July 2006, CPDpoint is a global marketplace dedicated to serving professionals. We provide a point where products, services and opportunities in the area of continuing professional development (CPD) can be promoted.


CPDpoint offers a low cost self-serve site intended to encourage interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary trade. We intend to serve professionals from the fields of animal health, the arts, business, design, education, engineering, health, information technology, law, mental health, nursing and science. Our service offerings include:


·          Event advertising, including listings for seminars, workshops, conferences and educational programs for professionals


·          Classified advertising in Available and Wanted categories for business opportunities; employment; professional development opportunities; research opportunities; specialist services; and supervision services. Other categories for professional development products and Swapping are also provided


·          Banner advertising to anyone promoting goods or services intended for professionals


·          Closed-group forums dedicated to continuing professional development or customer support. Organisations or individuals who offer professional development products or services can establish their own private discussion, supervision or education groups


·          Events/ Private Forum Ticketing. We offer professional development providers (and conference organisers) an online ticketing service for events in Australia. Your attendees can register and pay instantly from your event listing on this site. You only need to specify prices and the number of positions at each event.


Our Mission

CPDpoint exists to connect professionals and businesses, within and across industries. Our business is professional development and education, and we value knowledge and lawful conduct. We intend to use these values to secure a lasting business relationship with our customers.


Our Vision

CPDpoint intends to be the first choice for professionals seeking methods to maintain and develop their professional education. We aim to be a global marketing channel in the continuing professional development market.


The CPDpoint Story

Prior to launching this website, the founders of CPDpoint had offered twelve years of acclaimed, CPD events to medical and mental health professionals across Australia and in New Zealand. Our events cater to several professional disciplines, and our success depends upon marketing to all of those groups. Our first objective in creating this site was to create a single point where professionals and businesses could advertise information about CPD products and services within their industry and to other industries, locally and around the world.


Our second objective in creating CPDpoint was to provide a private online area where providers of professional development services could offer their customers follow-up services online, via the use of closed-group forums. In our experience, those who sell or purchase a CPD product/service often seek some form of "follow-up": for the seller, to support their customer; and for the consumer, to consult their peers and consolidate their knowledge. At CPDpoint we’ve created online "classrooms", where you can host e-learning training programs; run tailored, follow-up groups; or offer peer-group or one-on-one supervision.


At the time of creation and launch of this site, there were no other private, self-service, commercially-oriented, globally-focused websites offering this type of service intended for all professionals. CPDpoint has been a two-year project of passion of the founding members. We know it meets our objectives, and we are certain that it will compliment your efforts in promoting your CPD-related goods or services.


If you have any comments or suggestions to improve this site, we want to hear from you. Remember, we want to make it easy for professionals across industries to interact, learn and develop. If that’s what you want to do, or if your product or service can help in this regard, we hope this site is helpful to you.  Let us know if you think we can do better.


The founders of CPDpoint

Joshua George is the founder and the managing director of CPDpoint Pty Ltd and of two other private corporations. He has been managing professional services operations since 1995. His experience includes developing and implementing professional services and education programs across multiple sites for both the general public and professional client groups in the mental health industry. He has coordinated hundreds of professional development events in Australia and New Zealand aimed at medical and mental health professionals.


Joshua holds a Bachelor of Social Science (from Southern Cross University), a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Commerce and a Master of Commercial Law (each from Macquarie University). His career interests are in business analysis and development. He holds memberships with the Australian Institutes of: Management; Company Directors; Marketing; and Human Resources.


Dr Leah Giarratano is a co-founder and a director of CPDpoint Pty Ltd and two other private corporations. She is a clinical psychologist, television presenter, and an author of crime fiction and non-fiction books. Leah has been involved in professional services operations since 1995. As a clinical psychologist she has specialised in psychological trauma and cognitive behaviour therapy. Leah has presented hundreds of professional development programs (in her specialty) to mental health and medical professionals across Australia and New Zealand .

Leah holds a Bachelor of Arts, with majors in English and Psychology and honours in Psychology, a Master of Clinical Psychology (each of the latter from the University of Sydney) and a Doctor of Clinical Psychology (University of Wollongong). She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists.


Joshua and Leah have had a formidable business partnership since 1995 and we look forward, through CPDpoint, to assisting other professionals in their professional development.


Joshua and Leah gratefully acknowledge the team at United International Network (www.uin.com.au) who were integral in the development of this site. We especially thank Andrew Menzies for his efforts and Michael Birch for his wisdom.

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