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These booking terms only apply to payments made to CPDpoint in order to attend an event listed at this site.


When you pay for an event at this site, CPDpoint acts as a booking agent. We re-sell positions to attend certain professional development events. We are responsible for arranging the service contract between you and the professional development service provider for the event you wish to attend. Bookings are made according to the terms and conditions (and limitations of liability) imposed by the event service provider.


CPDpoint is not responsible for the professional development event nor do we make or give any warranty or representation about its standard. The professional development service provider is responsible for all aspects of the event itself and any representations made about it, not CPDpoint. All enquiries, complaints or claims in relation to the event itself must be directed to the professional development service provider, not to CPDpoint.  The professional development service provider’s contact details are contained in the event listing on this site or on the receipt we issue you.


If you have paid to attend an event at CPDpoint and have a complaint about a professional development service provider in relation to their service, please send a copy of your complaint to CPD Point for our records. We may use your complaint to decide whether we will re-sell positions to events hosted by that professional development service provider in the future.


The following terms will also apply to all event bookings paid for at CPDpoint:


1.       Payment for transactions at CPDpoint is processed in Australian dollars.

2.       Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption is employed to ensure the security of all personal information submitted on this site. SSL is the industry standard used by all reputable e-commerce sites and it is compatible with most browsers.

3.       Credit card payments are processed instantly at this site. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available in your account.

4.       A non-refundable booking fee applies to event payments at this site.

5.       If you live in Australia , the final price paid for advertising includes Goods and Services Tax (GST).

6.       A receipt will be e-mailed to you immediately after payment is processed. A record of your transaction is available in your account area, which you may access at any time you log in to this site.

7.       You could be asked to produce a copy of your receipt on the day of the event and should therefore carry a printed copy with you in anticipation that you are asked for proof of your registration.

8.       An event refund is not permitted four weeks prior to the date of the event, however, a paid position is transferable to a third party upon notifying the event organiser.

9.    Refunds will only apply if you withdraw from the event more than four weeks prior to the date of the event and a refund-service-fee will apply.

10.    An event organiser reserves the right to withdraw, cancel or reschedule their event due to unforeseeable circumstances. We or they will contact you and outline your options if this occurs.

11.    The right to record the proceedings of an event is reserved to the event organiser. As an attendee, you must seek written permission from the event organiser before the event in order to record any part of the event.

12.    You are responsible for the security of your personal property during the event. The event organiser or the venue provider will not be responsible for lost property.


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