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CPDpoint position on Fraudulent Activity

As trade on the Internet increases, so does the likelihood of Internet-related fraud. CPDpoint insists upon lawful conduct and we employ a number of measures to deter people from acting fraudulently on this site.


If you trade with anyone on the Internet, always check that the offering, person or business is real. We suggest that you conduct a “Google” or “Yahoo” search using the information supplied. You should also check the name and numbers against public records in telephone directories, or business names in government registers, or against details provided in professional registers or directories.


If a CPDpoint user reports a case of fraud by another CPDpoint user, we cannot act as a mediator in disputes; however, we will take necessary action to prevent others being exposed to the same fraud. In addition, we will provide victims of fraud and authorities with evidence that is within our control to help prosecute an alleged offender.


The only e-mail you should receive from CPDpoint is e-mail you were expecting to receive as a result of some prior contact or request that you initiated. The sender’s e-mail from CPDpoint should contain in the address and no other letters, digits or symbols.


If you receive an e-mail message (claiming to be from CPDpoint) that seems suspicious, refuse any prompts to open attachments or download a file. Do not click on any hyperlink or reply to the message. Please "forward" the message to us to confirm whether or not we sent it. If the message you received was fraudulent, we will warn others via a posting on our CPDpoint Site Security NoticesOur security notice will include the date that the fraudulent message was sent; an outline of the message; and what to do if another user receives it.


If you would like to know more about Internet-related crime and what to look for, you might find the following Australian organisations of interest.


§          The Scam Watch site which advises how to recognise, avoid and report scams 

§          The Stay Smart Online site which provides useful advice about how to protect your computer and yourself online  

§          The Australian Federal Police page on Internet Crime and what you can do

home >> about > important notices