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This page contains links to Science Related professional associations, institutes and societies that offer professional development programs. If you would like to suggest a site for inclusion, please send us an e-mail containing the website address. If you discover that a link does not work, please let us know.



American Association for Clinical Chemistry


American Center for Physics


American Chemical Society


American Institute of Chemists


American Institute of Physics


American Society for Microbiology


American Society for Neurochemistry


Asian Pacific Federation of Clinical Biochemistry


Association for Clinical Biochemistry (UK)


Association of Clinical Biochemists in Ireland


Association of Clinical Biochemists of India


Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists


Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine


Australian Institute of Medical Scientists


Australian Institute of Physics


Australian Society for Microbiology


Canadian Association of Physicists


Canadian College of Microbiologists


Canadian Society of Clinical Chemists


Canadian Society of Microbiologists


Chemical Institute of Canada


Geological Association of Canada


Geologist's Association (UK)


Geological Society of America


Geological Society of Australia


Geological Society (UK)


Geological Society of New Zealand


Geological Society of South Africa


Institute of Physics (UK)


Malaysian Association of Clinical Biochemists


New Zealand Institute of Chemistry


New Zealand Microbiological Society


Royal Australian Chemical Institute


Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)


Scottish Microbiology Association


Society for Applied Microbiology (UK)


Society for General Microbiology (UK)


South African Chemical Institute


South African Institute of Physics



home >> about > links > professional associations > science related